The Legacy of DireGods
The Legacy of DireGods is an epic dark fantasy saga set in a world ravaged and scared by the legacy of long-dead Gods. Created by author Daniel G. Andres. 
The first book in the epic series is The Silence of Gods and begins telling the story of Kondar, a boy sacrificed to a long-vanished god, intertwined with this story is The Vehement a series of chapters set during a disastrous war as the last surviving army of a vanquished empire makes its final stand against the encroaching onslaught.  
The Silence of Gods weaves these two stories together into a dark tale of a world long broken by the actions of ancient Gods and the legacy they left behind. The two tales slowly weave together and reveal the mysteries and horrors of this world. Together they form the beginning of the Legacy of DireGods.
Book I - The Silence of Gods is available on Amazon

Book II - The Empire of Heratics is coming soon. 

About the Author
Daniel G. Andres was born and lives in central Alberta Canada. He has spent most of his life creating fantasy stories and has been working on The Legacy of DireGods for over two decades. He first started drafting The Silence of Gods in 2010. 
Daniel lives in Olds Alberta with his wife and two children. When he is not telling stories he works in the broadband and telecommunications industries.  
© Daniel G. Andres 2024 - Artwork by Rachel Andres